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Community Growth Forum

MN Design Team Final Presentation.pdf

The Stewartville Area Chamber of Commerce would like to work collaboratively with residents, local organizations/non-profits, the school district, City of Stewartville, and anyone that is interested in growing Stewartville and making it an even better place to live. 

In 2010, the MN Design Team studied Stewartville and gave advice on Stewartville improvements.  Their presentation is included above.

Please Come to the Economic Development Authority and the Housing Redevelopment Authority Meetings! (Call City Hall for the next scheduled meeting.)  We Want Ideas - BIG Ideas!

BIG IDEAS List (as of 2/2/15)
* Band Shell in Bear Cave Park with a Concert Series
* Rec Center with Olympic Size Pool, Yoga Studio, Weight Room, Arcade, Curling Club, Hockey Rinks, Gyms, Theater, Athletic Club, Community Center
* Re-design Downtown - Parking, Themed Store Fronts, Get Main Street Back
* River Clean Up Projects
* New State Park
* Outdoor Ampitheater
* Indoor, Year Round Garden/Event Center/Green House/Solarium
* Community College
* Brewery/Distillery/Winery
* Amusement Park
* Retail Development - New Store Fronts
* Really Great Water
* Need a Lake
* We Have Great Schools
* Access to I-90 is Important
* Better Info on Tourism
* Curling Club
* Bakery, Coffee, and Bagel Shop
* Clean Up Downtown
* Riverfront Development
* Additional Childcare Options
* Dinner Theater
* Restaurants
* Fiber to the Last Mile
* Community with Wi-Fi everywhere
* Music and Food Vendors once a week
* A River Runs through It, comparison to Lanesboro
* Cost of Land Development
* Need for Rendering of School to Attract Developers
* More Activities for Young Kids
* Use of Central School
* Bike Trail to Rochester
* Bike Trail to Racine
* Involvement with Journey to Growth
* Clean Up Downtown: Get rid of old, ugly gas stations, fix up the store fronts - we have EDA $, get it done, keep the historical integrity of the buildings
*Connect North Side with Downtown in other ways than one trail - develop the riverfront all the way from Lake Florence to DQ, and rip out the mattress store building and old houses.  Move those business and have a real riverfront feel (think smaller Stillwater, MN)
*Develop - open higher end housing options to be able to pull in physicians or allow people to upgrade.  There is no option from $300,000 homes
* Community Center  with ice skating rinks and basketball courts
* Recreation Committee - perhaps a subcommittee of the Park Board so we plan family friendly events
* Daycare Centers
* Hotels
* Indoor Water Parks
* Fast Food
* Steakhouse
* Town Square