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 Movie sponsored by First Farmers & Merchants

Movie sponsored by First Farmers & Merchants


June 8, 2018: Hook

We would love for YOU and your family and friends to join us for our first movie of the summer! 

We are doing a fun throwback to 1991! 

Hook is based on the classic Peter Pan story.  It's filled with adventure for all ages!

Steven Spielberg's 1991 venture follows grown-up Peter Pan (Robin Williams) as he returns to Neverland. Now a hardworking lawyer with three kids and a troubled marriage, Peter heads to London with his brood to visit Granny Wendy (Maggie Smith). Peter is thrown back to his past when Captain HOOK (Dustin Hoffman) kidnaps his kids. With help from Tinkerbell (Julia Roberts), middle-aged Peter regains his memory of who he really is (and how to fly) and sets off to Neverland to rescue his children and do battle with his arch nemesis, Captain Hook.


Movie is sponsored by First Farmers & Merchants Bank.

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